should I get dental and vision insurance?

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a standalone product that pays portions of dental services, and can be purchased as a separate product from your health insurance. While standard health insurance typically has an out-of-pocket maximum that the subscriber will pay, dental insurance has a cap (no deductible) and once the person reaches that cap, they are responsible for 100 percent of the cost of their care.

Dental services are typically categorized into three groups: preventive, basic, and major. Depending on the nature of the plan, these services may be covered at a certain percentage. Most plans provide coverage for routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays for limited to no out-of-pocket costs. Services that might entail a filling, bonding, veneer, extracting, crown, bridge, root canal, etc., on the other hand, are more comprehensive coverage options in which the insurance companies may only cover up to a certain annual limit.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is a great option to help reduce the cost of preventive eye care, glasses, and contacts. Similarly to dental insurance, vision insurance does not typically have a deductible. Vision insurance tends to resemble discount plans more than health insurance. The insurance would usually pay a flat amount, while the subscriber would be responsible for the rest of the payment. Also, vision insurance usually only covers glasses or contact lenses during the same benefit period, not both.

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